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Brief Description

This mod recalibrates the system for detection, sneaking, and sneak attacks. And by "recalibrate", I mean a complete page one rewrite of the whole freaking system. Highlights include:

  • Completely rewritten detection formula, taking into account lighting, sound, gear, NPC actions, etc.
  • Immersive features such as NPCs fading while sneaking, torches snuffing out invisibility, dynamically changing Night-Eye effects, etc.
  • NPC behavior changes, such as actually using Night Eye and Detect Life
  • SM Combat Hide tailored for SDR built in (with permission).
  • New perks and abilities such as sprinting, bypassing pressure plates and tripwires, and bonuses to skill ups for undetected assassinations.
  • New spells like Blindness, Deafness, and Muffle
  • 3rd Party Mod compatibility patches built in for mods like Oblivion XP, Basic Primary Needs, Real Sleep Extended, Bare Necessities, and Druid Mod remade, as well as a version for Nehrim.
  • Unlike other stealth mods, no skills are modified to affect the detection result, making it compatible with leveling and other similar skill based/reliant mods.
  • Works out of the box, but can be customized with the SDR Tweak.ini file
  • Flexible enough to adapt to other mods, resulting in sneaking being a much more challenging and strategic experience.
  • Fully loaded documentation for players (Player's Handbook) and modders (Modder's Resource Pack) that will answer nearly all your questions.
  • All of these features and much, much more.

Recommended Use

Playing Tips:

  • Start with the default settings, and see how it goes.
  • Stick to the shadows
  • Stay out of line of sight
  • If you are stuck in line of sight of an enemy, don't move.
  • Don't sneak around wearing heavy armor or holding big obnoxious weapons.
  • Any light (torches, spell effects, casting spells, being set on fire, etc.) can give away your position.
  • Wait to move until either your opponents are either moving or conversing with each other.
  • Don't wait 'til the last second to draw your weapon, it might give you away.
  • If you get too close to someone and "collide" with them, they will probably detect you.

In general, even at low Sneak skill levels, as long as you are very cautious and stay out of the line of sight and out of the light, you should be able to sneak up behind most people. At higher Sneak skill levels, especially if complemented by high levels in related skills, you could be very deadly indeed. But if you get overly cocky, you can still get spotted and squashed. For complete details on all features and usage, please read the Player's Handbook.