SDR is a very complex mod with lots of features and a complex installation struture. Please make sure to take the time to read these instructions. It will save you headaches later.


If you are upgrading from a version of SDR prior to series 9, please make sure to completely uninstall the prior version.

You will also want to double check ALL of your customized game settings from series 8. The series 9 tweak file names have changed and many of the settings have been removed, renamed, added, or have new defaults. Refer to the Player's Handbook for details.

Detailed instructions on how to uninstall the previous version can be found here: Removing SDR

Note: when you remove the old version and install the new one, your character will lose any of the new spells and items. If you want to manually add them back to your character, the form IDs are in the Modder's Resource Manual which can be downloaded from the Modder's Resource Pack page.

Download Locations

If you haven't downloaded and installed the prerequisites, please do that first (see below).

You can download the latest version here: Nexus: Sneaking Detection Recalibrated.


Depending on what features you want to use, you must download and install some prerequisite files:

Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)

OBSE version 21.4 or later is required for SDR to run properly. It can be downloaded from here: OBSE website

Blindness Magical Effects

In order to use the new Blindness Magic Effects, you will need to install Menu Que and either Oblivion Reloaded or Scanti's Switch Night Eye Shader plugin.

MenuQue version 16b or later is required and can be downloaded from here: Nexus: MenuQue

Oblivion Reloaded can be downloaded here: Nexus: Oblivion Reloaded. If you choose not to install Oblivion Reloaded, you can use Scanti's Switch Night Eye Shader plugin, which is included as part of SDR's installation package.

Dynamic Night Eye Shaders

Eventually Oblivion Reloaded will provide a more flexible Dynamic Night Eye Shader, but until that happens, you can use the one designed for Scanti's Switch Night Eye Shader plugin, which is included as part of SDR's installation package.

Deafness Magical Effects

In order to use the new Deafness Magic Effects, you need to have one of the following two OBSE plugins installed:

Sound Commands is a basic utility for control volume levels. A version of it is included as part of SDR's installer package.

Enhanced Music and Control 2 (EMC2) is a more advanced plugin that combines elements from the old Enhanced Music and Control and Sound Commands. It can be downloaded here: Nexus: Enhanced Music and Control 2. Make sure to install version 1.21 or later.

Custom Spell Icons

I created custom spell icons for SDR's Blind, Deafen, and Muffle magic effects. In order to see them, you need to install Custom Spell Icons: Nexus: Custom Spell Icons.

WARNING! If you are using Oblvion Magic Extender or plan to, it conflicts with Custom Spell Icons, so you can only install one. There is an SDR/OBME friendly mod called "SDR OBME Additions" which includes the new icons, but it hasn't been updated for series 9 yet and is not available at this time.

Installation Instructions

NOTICE: At the moment, I only support installing the SDR Series 9 pre-alpha versions using Wrye Bash.
In addition, although I will eventually provide a version for Nehrim, it is not ready just yet.

If you are installing SDR Series 9 for the first time, please follow the instructions below. If you already have series 9 installed and are updating to a newer version, please skip to the Updating/Tweaking Instructions at the bottom.

Installing with Wrye Bash

Wrye Bash web-site

  1. Download the Sneaking Detection Recalibrated or SDR Hotfix file to the "Oblivion (or Nehrim) Mods\Bash Installers" folder
  2. Run Wrye Bash.
  3. Install the mod from the installers tab using the built in wizard. USE THE WIZARD! You will miss important options if you don't!
  4. After installing, you may have to apply some .ini tweaks depending on what options you selected. Follow Wrye Bash's instructions for applying the tweaks. If you can't figure it out, please see the Updating/Tweaking instructions at the end.
  5. After you have installed the SDR mod, go to the mods tab and activate the following:
    • SDR.esm
    • SDR_Mechanics.esp
    • SDR_Oblivion.esp (or SDR_Nehrim.esp)
    • RenGuardOverhaul_PatchforSDR.esp (if RenGuardOverhaul.esp is installed)
  6. Run BOSS to sort the load order. (see below)
  7. If desired, rebuild the bashed patch to merge and deactivate the SDR_Oblivion.esp (or SDR_Nehrim.esp) file.
  8. VERIFY the following OBSE plug-ins were installed:
    Data\OBSE\Plugins\SoundCommands.dll (if Enhanced Music and Control 2 is not installed)
    Data\OBSE\Plugins\SwitchNightEye.dll (if you chose to install it for either Blindness or Night Eye FX)
  9. Launch Oblivion using the OBSE Loader.

Installing with Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)

[Placeholder for instructions to come later.]

Other methods of installation

I do not recommend and will not support any other method of installing SDR other than Wrye Bash or Oblivion Mod Manager.

Load Order

If you are new to modding, you should know that Load Order is very important when working with mods and resolving mod conflicts. Load Order is determined by date. You can use tools like OBMM and WryeBash to change the modification dates of the various mods or just drag and drop the mods into the desired order.

Automated Load Order Sorting - BOSS

The best tool for sorting load orders is the BOSS (Better Oblivion Sorting Software). It will sort your mods for you based on thousands of mods that have been submitted to the system, with tags, suggestions, and all kinds of information. It will make your modding life much easier: Download BOSS

NOTICE: At the moment, the Boss Master List does not have SDR's new files/file structure. So until it gets updated, please using the Manual Loar Order Sorting instructions below.

Manual Load Order Sorting

These are my following recommendations if you are manually sorting the mods:


Sort to the last of the .esm list. There are no other .esm's that use SDR as a master as of this time.


Sort to somewhere in the middle of the pack. If there are other mods that tweak movement, detect life shaders, or anything stealth related, then you should have this mod sorted after them.

SDR_Oblivion.esp /SDR_Nehrim.esp

This file should be sorted immediately after SDR_Mechanics.esp


If you installed this, it needs to load after RenGuardOverhaul.esp

Tweaking Instructions

There are several possible methods of tweaking/updating SDR:

Tweaking Game Settings

In case you decide to change a game setting, there are two different files that serve different purposes.

The SDR Game Settings Tweaki.ini file (located in the Data\Ini\SDR directory) is used for the general game mechanics game settings. Details of the various settings are covered in the Player's Handbook.

The sdr.ini file (located in the Data\OBSE\plugins directory) is used for activating/deactivating the special features that you were prompted about when you used the wizard to install SDR. There you can manually turn on/off features such as Dynamic Detect Life Shaders, Dynamic Night Eye Shaders, and the Blindness, Deafness, and Muffle magic effects. If you accidentally munch the sdr.ini file, you can copy settings over from the sdr_default.ini backup.

Tweaking Race / Creature / Traits Settings

If you decide you want to tweak the list of who counts as a Daedra, the Undead, or the vision/audio/movement traits of a given race/creature, you will need to add the tweaks to the SDR Race Creature Traits Tweaks.ini file (located in the Data\Ini\SDR directory). However, when you make the change, the tweaks are not automatically applied retroactively.

In order to apply the tweaks, you will need to launch SDR's "Reboot" feature. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. While the game is running, go into console mode (usually the ` key)
  2. Type the following: startquest sdrQReboot.
  3. You will get a pop up confirmation for the reboot, with the option to either preserve or replace whatever assigned spells actor and mercant have.
  4. SDR will then flag the system to recalculate all the actors' stats as you come across them in the game.

Details of the current Race/Creature/Trait settings are covered in the Player's Handbook, along with instructions on how to modify them or add new races/creatures to the lists.

Beta Test Note: This only affects the current saved game. If you load another save that was made before the reboot, you will need to reboot that one as well. I've added a note to look into an alternate method that will only require a reboot command once.

Updating Instructions

At some point there will be a new version of SDR that you will need to install. Please follow these guidelines for updating to the new version.

There are three possible methods for updating SDR: overwrite, partial clean save, and full clean save.

Overwrite Instructions

In the vast majority of cases, when you upgrade between versions, you will only need to install the new version over the old and you will be good to go. When SDR detects a version number change, it will do whatever it needs to do and automatically reboot.

When you install/update to a new version, make sure to use the wizard again. It will automatically detect whether or not you have any tweak files installed and make sure not to overwrite them. You should also double check to see if any of your tweak settings have changed.

Partial Clean Save Instructions

In some cases, you may be instructed to do a partial "clean save" before installing the new version. This method will allow you to update the mechanics portion of SDR without losing any of the spells, magic items, etc. that were added to support the new Blindness/Deafness/Muffle magic systems. Follow these steps:

  1. Before launching Oblivion, make sure that the SDR_Mechanics.esp and SDR_Oblivion.esp (or SDR_Nehrim.esp) are deactivated. But keep SDR.esm active!
  2. Wrye Bash users: You may need to rebuild the bashed patch.
  3. Launch Oblivion and find a good "safe" spot.
  4. Save the game in a new save game slot.
  5. Exit Oblivion game.
  6. Optional: Uninstall the old SDR installer. (be sure to back up any .ini tweak files if you do.)
  7. Install the new SDR on top of the old one. Make sure you use the installation Wizard so you don't accidentally overwrite any existing .ini tweak files!
  8. Update the load order and activate the .esm/.esps.
  9. Wrye Bash users: Rebuild the bashed patch if desired.
  10. Double check your .ini tweaks against the Players Handbook to make sure they will still work.
  11. Launch Oblivion and load the saved game.
  12. You are good to go! Start sneaking!

Full Clean Save Instructions

In the extremely unlikely case that SDR.esm gets updated along with the other files, you may be instructed to do a full clean save.

The unfortunate side effect is that you will lose any spells or magic items that you have acquired.

Follow the instructions for uninstalling/removing SDR. As part of the process, a clean save will be automatically be created for you.

Once SDR has been completely removed from the system, you can install the new version.

After you have installed the new version, launch the game, and load the clean save created by the uninstallation process.

If your character previously had Blinding/Deafening/Muffling spells or magic items, they will be gone. You will have to manually add them back using console commands. A complete list of all spells and items added by SDR along with their form IDs is in the Player's Handbook.