Beta Test Note: This page has not been updated for series 9 changes. However, the vast majority of the information will probably still apply.

This page is dedicated to providing and inside look into all the formulas that SDR uses. Here you will find detailed charts, graphs, excel spreadsheets, and utilities so you can see what the results of various functions and formulas are and see what would happen if you mess with the default settings.

Note that all worksheets will be in the Microsoft Excel format, so you will need a program that is capable of opening/reading that file type.

Effective Sneak Skill

I borrowed a diminishing returns function from the Add Actor Values mod in order to calculate Luck's impact on effective Sneak Skill. The default settings for this are Offset: 50, DecayRate: 1.02, and Growth Rate: .504.

To see what the results are for various Sneak/Luck combinations, and to experiment with the settings yourself, you can download the worksheet here: Effective Sneak Skill / Luck Worksheet.