Contact Information

    Before posting a bug report, please do the following:
  • Make sure that you have the latest version installed
  • Make sure you have read all support documentation, especially in regards to Mod Compatibility
  • When posting your bug, include which version of SDR you are using, and which version of OBSE you have installed

Please post bug reports and suggestions in the SDR Nexus Forum

If there is something seriously wrong, or you have an idea that just can't wait, please send me a private message through either my Nexus or Bethsoft forums account, preferably the latter.

Licensing / Legal

  • You must have purchased a copy of the TESIV: Oblivion game from Bethesda Softworks.
  • Use of this mod in its current state is free.
  • Because there are elements of the code in this mod that were written by other people, redistribution of this mod, or use of any of the code is forbidden without getting permission from either myself or the person who created the code.
  • I also require that any patches made between SDR go through me and the author of the other mod. There is just way too much that can go wrong otherwise, and I will not provide technical support for unauthorized patches.
  • In the event that I don't respond within a year - yes, a year - or (hopefully not anytime soon) die, you may create patches without my permission (you should still get permission from authors of any other mods involved).
  • You may not repackage or redistribute the SDR content under any circumstances, except if it disappears from their current download sites and I don't respond within the time frame above. I then give permission for them to be hosted in an "archive only" capacity.
  • Please contact me via the BethSoft forum messaging system if you have any questions or need permission for something.